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Frederiksborg Gymnasium & HF

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Frederiksborg Gymnasium & HF

Carlsbergvej 15
3400 Hillerød

Tel.: +45 48 20 10 40
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Headmaster: Anders Krogsøe

Frederiksborg Gymnasium & HF is an upper secondary school situated in Hillerød, a historic yet dynamic and modern town of 40.000 inhabitants. The school has beautiful surroundings – it sits on a hill overlooking Teglgårdssøen, a lake in the old royal forest district approximately 40 km north of Copenhagen. The school is close to the train station where there is a regular service to Copenhagen.

Frederiksborg Gymnasium & HF was founded at Frederiksborg Castle in 1630 by the renaissance king Christian IV. Today it is a modern upper secondary school, one of the largest in the country, with more than 1300 energetic students and an outstanding faculty of over 130 teachers. At present 90 per cent of the students are enrolled in a three-year education STX and 10 per cent of the students are enrolled in a two-year education HF. After they graduate the students are qualified for university admission and other institutes of further and higher education. Our students are between the ages of 16 and 20 and make up 60 percent of their age group in the community.

The teachers all have a master’s degree from a Danish or foreign university and are qualified to teach at least two subjects each.

Presently the school has 49 classes with 28 students in each, and the large number of students and classes allow the school to offer a great variety of subjects and an abundance of extra-curricular activities.

The school year commences in the first week of August and closes by the end of June with both written and oral exams. Each lesson lasts 95 minutes. The students take approximately 17 lessons a week for 35 weeks.

Frederiksborg Gymnasium & HF is a democratically run institution, which places great emphasis on student and teacher participation. Teachers and students alike have committees in which matters of importance to the school are discussed and agreed upon. The committees advise and put forward proposals to the headmaster and the board in their management of the school.

The school is an institution of bustling activity.

There is a range of creative subjects such as physical education, music, drama, media studies, visual arts, and design that ensure a high and energetic level of creative activity. There are various after-school activities which include volleyball, bands and choirs, painting and drawing, photography, etc. We also have debating societies, cultural events, café evenings and, of course, school parties.

In all subjects a high standard of teaching motivates and inspires students in their studies. Projects and experiments with new learning and teaching styles form an integral part of the school’s academic life.

Finally, an international orientation is part of the school’s objective. We place great emphasis on the fact that all students have the opportunity to meet foreign cultures in order to develop an international awareness. This is achieved through student exchanges, field trips, and visits by guest teachers and students. All students travel abroad, mostly in Europe, at least once in the course of their education.

For information about the Danish education system please visit the Danish Ministry of Education.

In international matters please contact our international coordinators
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